Monday, 18 April 2011

How Katy did!

Baby Dotty in her Dad's shirt!

A couple of weeks ago I told you about the book I'd found in a Nottingham second-hand shop which showed you how to make new clothes out of old. I challenged my Sister-in-law Katy to take on one of the projects from the book and make my little niece the "tiny tot's play dress" out of "father's old shirt". Well she did it that same week and I'm sure you'll agree that baby Dotty looks really sweet and tres chic too in her Dad's chemise!

Firstly Katy traced the pattern from the book and upsized the pattern-pieces - always a bit of a faff unfortunately - but hey, no pain no gain. She then cut out the pieces and realised she needed a lining, so used an old pillowcase to make that. She also used the button band from the original shirt on the back of the dress so she didn't have to make new buttonholes. This saved a lot of time and effort and worked really well. Katy abandoned the idea of making sleeves (which took up a surprising amount of fabric) and instead made the little dress sleeveless so it could be used as a sundress or pinafore (well, it IS summer after all!).

Katy in action!

Katy sewed the various parts together on her faithful old machine and then turned up the hem. As the fabric's been washed many times before, the dress is lovely and soft. I owe Katy a bottle of champagne for completing her challenge! Well done Katy. What next?

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Josie-Mary said...

Well done Katy! :)