Monday, 26 July 2010

Yum Yum

My friend Iris who lives in Antwerp started a blog a few months ago about her and her sister's passion for, and adventures in, food. She recently went for the weekend to a fantastic place in Paris - a glass box of an aerie in which you can learn to cook the most amazing food. I so enjoyed reading about the two sisters' trip that I wanted you to read it too. You can find her blog on this link YUMMYBLOGSISTERS  and I think I can guarantee that you'll soon become followers. Iris's photos are drool-making too. Have a peek now for tips on Paris eateries and delicious French treats.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Glittering defeat!

OK - I admit defeat! I have been trying to make glitter shoes - but nothing I try will work properly. They look good - but the glitter won't last. I tried Copydex on the red shoe and then coated it with polyurethene varnish. The varnish did the job and coated the glitter well, but the Copydex peels off especially around the edges. The silver shoes I decided to ditch the Copydex and tried good old PVA glue - but it cracks and chips off, even before the varnish goes on top. I give up! Any ideas anyone? I need flexible durable glue - I think the varnish is good - but the glue useless. Agggh!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Apron Dresses

I did a hat party this weekend for a group of hens at the beautiful High Tea of Highgate in London. It's such an elegant teashop, and such fun to put on an event there. The teashop is run by Miss Worthington, who has impeccable taste in both cakes and clothes. Imagine my surprise when I turned up to do the workshop wearing almost exactly the same dress as she! We had both managed to get our hands on these fabulous 1950's cotton aprons which make perfect dresses. They seemed to be exactly the same design - floral fabric edged in bias binding with one single pocket. Mine was given to me by my lovely brother who spotted me trying it on at an apron exhibition in Edinburgh last year (yes indeed, an apron exhibition!) during the Festival. He bought it without me knowing and posted it to London for my Birthday. What a treasure. Miss Worthington acquired hers after finding it looking ever so lonely in the corner of a rather pricey antiques establishment. She managed to barter it down - et voila! Don't they make darling dresses?