Thursday, 15 July 2010

Glittering defeat!

OK - I admit defeat! I have been trying to make glitter shoes - but nothing I try will work properly. They look good - but the glitter won't last. I tried Copydex on the red shoe and then coated it with polyurethene varnish. The varnish did the job and coated the glitter well, but the Copydex peels off especially around the edges. The silver shoes I decided to ditch the Copydex and tried good old PVA glue - but it cracks and chips off, even before the varnish goes on top. I give up! Any ideas anyone? I need flexible durable glue - I think the varnish is good - but the glue useless. Agggh!


Damn The Broccoli said...

It could be a surface preparation problem. Make sure the shoes are really clean and grease free first. Even waterproofing will probably spoil the adhesive qualities of most glues.

Try washing them with sugar soap first, you can pick this up from any DIY shop but be careful to read the instructions and maybe try on an old pair of shoes first just in case.

There is an adhesive I used to use that was great at all sorts but be buggered if I can remember it's name. I'll let you know when it comes back to me.

Other wise try a specific fabric glue or spray mount adhesive possibly but they are likely to be more expensive.

One final solution is to ditch the adhesive altogehter.

Decant some varnish into a tub and mix you glitter in with it, then apply as many coats of glittery varnish as necessary to get the desired effect. You'll probably need to stir the varnish regularly and don't use a brush you would like to keep.

Otherwise I have no suggestions, hope one of these works out for you.

fascinator said...

Thanks very much indeed - really helpful. I think the varnish might be the thing - sprinkling the glitter straight onto that. If you remember the name of that glue - then let me know!