Monday, 1 August 2011

Vintage Festival at The Southbank

I was in my element over the weekend at the Vintage Fest on The Southbank in London. Forties-style fashionistas rubbed shoulders with day trippers, and festivites filled the air. There was a fab vintage village with stalls selling all manner of fantastic clothes and accessories, and an old-fashioned style fairground. Up on top of the Queen Elizabeth concert hall they'd even planted a pop-up garden where you could sip cocktails.

Everything seemed to sparkle slightly with magic and imagination. Even without paying to go into the actual festival there was tonnes of interesting stuff to do. I especially enjoyed boarding the pink bus - filled with everything charity shops can't sell. Although it was cluttered beyond compare (even for me!) I   got some real style tips. I just love these colours and the confusion of vintage shades.

If you did fork out for the paying part of the festival - you were in for lots of treats too: free champagne courtesy of British Airways which put on a great catwalk show of its cabin staff uniforms over the last 70 years, and lots of creative workshops - one run by the Seaside Sisters. I was very proud of my souvenir pennant rustled up with their help in under an hour.

My only regret is that I lacked my dancing diva friends - as the Royal Festival Hall boasted a different band and era on every floor. It really was a great day. Let's hope they put another festival on here again soon SOON SOON!


The yummyblogsisters said...

Mary Jane, that sounds like a great day out, next time I am there with my dancing shoes!

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