Tuesday, 1 February 2011

2011 - my friend's style resolutions

Yesterday my Portuguese friend Catarina Feria-Walsh sent me her style Bible for 2011. She reminded me that when we both lived in France a few years ago, I decided one day that I'd wear only camel and go classic. The experiment didn't last very long, and I was soon back to my bohemian ways. In her new Telegraph column, Hannah Betts advises that one should be able to sum-up one's style in three words, and that once the words are chosen, one should be able to sort one's wardrobe and one's look accordingly. I've been giving alot of thought to my perfect threesome - I'll let you know when I've found the right combination. In the meantime, here are my friend's 10 style resolutions for 2011, taking particular inspiration from her elegant and modish Grandmother. Send me your style resolutions and I'll add them to the blog.

1. Stop wearing black until next Winter or perhaps even forever!
2. Wear fun dresses ….fun not frumpy is my new motto.
3. Stop thinking I should wear my hair in a bob or sensible medium length hair because I am "mature", but go with crazy long hair, just brush it more often and style it (like my Granny would have approved of!)
4. Make-do and mend more, making fashion accessories and customising stuff.
5. Wear make-up almost everyday -  at least my pink Estee Lauder lipstick. My Granny wore lipstick every single day, even at 90, even in hospital.
6. Avoid the Mummy trap with frumpy, sports or just practical clothes covered in vomit and food that has been thrown at me.
7. Overdress more than underdress.
8. Wear old stuff that is forgotten in the wardrobe but is still stylish.
9. Say no to buying things I don't need.
10. Wear a piece of jewellery everyday to "air" it and brighten up an outfit.

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Miss Sukie said...

Love this fashion advice!