Saturday, 5 February 2011

Wedding dress refashion

I was really pleased to hear back this week from the Sense charity - I featured it in my recent piece for BBC breakfast news on the £10 wedding dress. Apparently - the day the film went out, the profits in the branch I featured "significantly" increased, meaning a bit more money in the bank for those people who really need help. It's brilliant to think that the piece had a positive effect. Not only that, but I had some lovely e-mails from people telling me about their own shoestring weddings. One story which particularly caught my eye was that of Melissa Fehr. She taught herself to sew using a vintage machine and old sewing manuals, and when it came to getting married, she decided to create her own wedding dress using her Grandma's original gown from 1949. With lots of effort and ingenuity she managed to come up with the beautiful outfit below. Seeing her dress refashioned and worn by her Grandaughter must have  meant a great deal to her Granny. What a thoughtful and special thing to do. In the picture here you can see the original dress and the one Melissa made. A real labour of love!

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