Saturday, 19 December 2009

Ennio Marcheto

My run up to Christmas started last night with a trip to see this incredible mime artist at the Royal Festival Hall in London with my fashion friends Robert and Paula. I purposely hadn't read up on Ennio Marcheto, as I'd been warned not to spoil the surprise of his performance. I'm glad I followed that advice, as I was totally blown away by this crazy mix of dress-up doll, pantomime, paper magic, mime and mimicry. Imagine a middle-aged man dressed in an array of 2D paper costumes, that with a flip of the hand transform into something else, and then something else again. The lightening changes enable Ennio to morph into a string of characters some of whom are abruptly juxtaposed - allowing him to poke blatant fun at certain personalities. Someone said he's like a "living cartoon" - a perfect description. I also loved the simplicity of the idea: a man, some music, and his paper ensembles. It's comedy stripped down to its underclothes - Ennio's!

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