Monday, 15 February 2010

Hair cut 100

It is in fact OVER 100 days since I last had my hair cut. I hate to admit it - but it's more than a year. You see I usually have my hair trimmed when I go up to Scotland to visit my brother for Christmas. But this year I stayed in London for Yuletide and therefore I didn't make it to the hairdresser either. The reason that I have my hair done up North rather than down South - well it's obvious of course - it's the cost. I had a cut, highlights and a blow dry up in Scotland last time for around half of what I'd pay in London. However, today I finally cracked. I just had to get rid of those split ends! So in an effort to save money, I went local. I had thought of trying the "little old lady" salon - but it was shut. Shame really - as I rather fancied sitting under one of those old-fashioned driers having had a shampoo and set! Then I tried the Asian barber - but he said he only did men (well I suppose the word 'barber' should have been a dead give-away really - but you know me, always pushing my luck!) He counselled against going to an Afro Carribean place, as he said it probably wouldn't be best for my long straight hair. But he suggested the Chinese hairdresser further along the road and I duly went along. It was £35 for a cut and blow dry. Not bad at all for the capital. Whilst there, I found out a very interesting and rather disconcerting fact. Apparently, Chinese women don't have their hair washed at Chinese New Year - as it washes all the good fortune out. I really hope that it doesn't apply to me seeing as I've just had my hair done on the cusp of the Tiger ....... something ELSE to worry about! Grrrrrr!

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