Monday, 8 November 2010

The dress that's much in need of love

So this is the dress I found at Greenwich market the other day for £60. It doesn't fit me - but I just had to buy it because it's so beautiful and was looking utterly neglected stuffed in a plastic bag under the stall.  It's an original Frank Usher from the '50's/60's I imagine. But it's in a bit of a bad way. At some point two pieces of boning have been removed from the bodice - thus its lopsided appearance, and it's had red wine chucked over it too by some CAD (I am taking liberties here of course - the owner herself might have done it, or indeed, perhaps a friend borrowed the dress and ruined it, thereby destroying a friendship which had lasted since girlhood). The question is...what can I do to bring it back to its former fabulousness? I can replace the boning I'm sure, but can a dress like this be dry-cleaned? Will the red wine come out? Help please!

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Iris said...

gorgeous dress and gorgeous colour! might be best to give it to a good dry cleaning company, it's an old stain so doing it yourself might be tricky, Martha Stewart gives tips on how to remove red wine stains:
good luck!