Sunday, 21 November 2010

Men of substance

Now you may have noticed that I don't often mention men on my blog - apart from the rather suave looking chaps in the Toast catalogue of course. It's not because I'm immune to a well turned out man, it's simply that I honestly don't see much to inspire. However this weekend, I spotted a chap who cheered my spirits. How's about this for some natty dressing? It's country chic meets urban  street. I love this drama student's frayed tweed jacket teamed with a striped formal waistcoat. Then there's the kerchief, the casually knotted scarf, the sew-on patches, and the combination of battered leather straps and worn canvas bag slung across his chest. The bike is a good accessory too (not that he thought of his bike as an accessory of course - that's just me being a shallow fashion-type). I so loved his look, I just  had to stop him and ask if I could take his picture. The jacket isn't home-made, but there's no reason why you blokes couldn't adapt something you already own. Get out the scissors, do some fraying and find yourself some sew-on patches. Go know you want to really!

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