Thursday, 19 November 2009

Fabulous forties flowers

It's so windy outside. My heart was in my mouth as the little cat who comes to see me nearly blew off my balcony. I'm calming myself with a craft project which I'd like to share with you. It's so simple - yet - you've got it - so effective!! These flowers make a wonderful corsage, or a trim for a hat. You’ll just need fabric, a needle and thread, a little bit of felt and a brooch back. Cut yourself two circular templates. Mine were 11cm and 9cm across. For a basic flower, cut out three fabric circles in each size. Fold each circle in half and do a running stitch along the curved edge (the stitch goes through two layers of fabric). Pull up and secure. You’ve made a petal! Now do the same with the other circles. Sew the three large petals onto a little circle of felt. Then arrange the three smaller petals on top - placing each in a gap. Sew these down, You can then put a button or bead in the middle. Sew on a brooch back, or make seveal and stick onto a fascinator base. Experiment with different fabrics - they’ll each give a different effect. I’ve used two separate layers of fabric for each petal in this picture, an old T-shirt and some net. V stylish!

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