Saturday, 7 November 2009

Yes I have...

....caught the knitting bug that is! Thanks to Marieke and her fantastically simple pattern, which I posted in an earlier blog entry, I have now made my own fab woolly hat - not only completed it - but finished it in the space of two days! I really am pleasantly surprised, as my experience of knitting in the past has been like one of those relationships that drags on even though it should end - you really want to finish it, but you just can't. This was a very different experience though. Using number 9 needles and two balls of wool at once really means this hat grows quickly, and it's much more interesting than making a scarf. It was rather big, but a little elastic around the bottom means it fits much better, and I topped it off with a little fur pom-pom from an old belt. I am a convert. I would never have taken up knitting if it wasn't for my Make Your Way Around Britain trip - the people I met were really inspiring. And yes, the kick I get out of saying "I made it myself" is immense. Total cost £8.98 including needles. By the way, is there any other wool I can substitute for the mohair that the pattern uses? It looks lovely, but is just a little itchy. I don't really know the "rules" about substituting one wool for another. Any advice would be much appreciated.


Damn The Broccoli said...

I know what you mean, I decided to go straight in at the deep end and knit a hat in the round.
5 needles, 3 colours, two types of stitch and a good deal of cussing and unpicking but I am getting there.

Yours looks ace.

fascinator said...

Thanks v much!!! You are MUCH braver than me. Please send pic when you are done.