Saturday, 28 November 2009

How do you tie your turban?

Some vintage beauties - and my attempt at a Make Do And Mend version....any ideas? Answers on an e-postcard please!

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Robin Wood said...

Hi Mary Jane,

Just came here via your piece in the Guardian which I loved. Especially this

"I was really struck by people's growing enthusiasm for making things.
Craft is definitely fashionable at the moment. But over and above fashion, we're learning to appreciate effort and quality again. Perhaps once people rediscover the pleasure to be gained from making something unique, it may stick."

I am chair of the Heritage Crafts Association and we are campaigning to get more support for people making things. Would you mind if we linked to your Guardian article from the HCA website and facebook groups?

Sounds like a great trip, it's not often I wish I had a TV.