Thursday, 5 November 2009

Have I caught the knitting bug?

Having spent a month Making My Way Around Britain - I'm really eager to learn new things. SOOO...this afternoon I went out and bought some mohair wool and some large knitting needles. Now, I did try knitting at the beginning of my travels, and I'm proud to report that I've done about 30 rows. Ok - to you it may be nothing - but to me - it's a reasonable start! However, I felt frustrated that I wasn't making anything particular - so after an on-line search, I found a great knitted hat (of course!) at this excellent site - treats and treasures. I recommend it - lovely SIMPLE knitting ideas - but a whole lot more besides. I've included Marieke's picture here, in her lovely design. I agree with what she's saying too - cosiness, warm baths, hot choc and childrens' books...perfect for Autumn and so comforting. The essence of home.

22 October 2006

Lately I am very much into cozy warm things like children’s books, hot chocolate, warm baths… and chunky knitwear.


Affi'enia said...

Hi Mary Jane

Andy started knitting his first hat this week! 30 rows is nothing to sniff at, all items start with one stitch. Good luck and remember, unpicking knitting might be heartbreaking when you've made a mistake but you do get lovely curly wool :o)

fascinator said...

Hi Affi'enia - thankyou for your encouragement - I think I might have some good news tomorrow. I'm so excited.......!