Monday, 24 May 2010

Back to white

Those of you accustomed to reading my blog (thankyou) will wonder why the colour keeps changing. Well, it's all part of my experimental attempt to refresh and revive my blog, which I believe is in need of a facelift. However, having lived with the pale blue background for a few weeks now, I feel rather like someone who's been experimenting with paint swatches in their living room. I've decided that the blue doesn't really work. Yes, I love colour (as you'll see from the rather rainbow-like palette of my entries) but settling on the style of your blog is a bit like designing your home: you can really only introduce colour in your accessories and furniture if the background is fairly neutral so that it doesn't all become one big dizzy mess! So, for now, until I go and learn how to do this properly, I am going back to white. Anyone know of a short, cheap, blog designing course you can do in London? Surely, this could be SO MUCH BETTER!


Damn The Broccoli said...

There's a site called Shabby Blogs that has all manner of easy to use bits and bobbins with just copy and paste html.

I can't do any of the fancy stuff either so I have to rely on the quality of my writing to carry me through.

Which is probably why the publishing world is beating a path to my door wanting my memoirs!

心良 said...