Sunday, 2 May 2010

....Just another ordinary day....

2. my button bag catches attention wherever i go - especially caught the lovely bright eyes of a little girl in a wheelchair on the tube. i willed her to look at it to give her some sparkle and hope
3. me and news are in the process of a long and difficult divorce
4. scrambled egg and smoked salmon is just the best
5. lemon or lime? i don't mind if it's lime or lemon
6. i am love with a flat in Montrose that I wish I could buy
7. why is all my love unrequited?
8. i now know alot about may day around the world
9. my neighbour's borrowed cat has not been round for days
10. i love sitting in my bed looking out of my window at the trees dripping with rain
11. i wish i could just make things all day long
12. i have a new hair rat which is just going to be so fab(see forthcoming styles) if you don't know what a hair rat is....then watch this space!
13. hands up if you'd like to come to a boutique crafting weekend in my imaginery flat in Montrose!
14. should one really eat a whole bag of M&S salt and pepper cashew nuts all in one go for tea?
15. washed down with three glasses of wine?


Josie-Mary said...

My hand is up for the crafting weekend!!! What a thoughful post. Come to my fair on May 22nd for some smiles :)

Princess and the Pea said...

Mine too!

Button bag? I need to see this!