Monday, 24 May 2010

I'm Gaga for hats!

This isn't usually a blog that deals with celebrity, but I was reading my freebie newspaper on the way to work the other day, trawling through the mostly dreary news, when I saw something that made my milliner's heart jump for joy and do a little dance! Apparently, Philip Treacy is taking Lady Gaga on as an intern! Yes - the "chapeaued-up chantoosay" (nice description!) is going to learn to make her own titfers. The mind boggles as to what she might come up with. She's already sashayed on the stage in statement making headgear like a telephone, a flying saucer, and antlers. This is going to be fun fun fun - and will do wonders for the comeback of the hat. I doubt however that Lady Gaga will be thrilled at the wages and conditions that most milliners have to deal with- not much cash and half an hour lunch break. you think she'll cope?

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