Monday, 31 May 2010

Just another ordinary day

1. In honour of the New Sex and the City film - here's me in New York last year.
2. I don't care what the critics say - it's escapist joy! Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. So there.
3. Clean sheets on the bed - bliss.
4. A glass of wine and M&S Belgian chocolate. Sometimes it's the small things.
5. You know when you're little and you think "one day I'll have my own house and I'll be able to do EXACTLY as I please." That day is mine. It happened. It's good!
6. Ladies - make sure you experience the joy of your own can stay in bed AS LONG AS YOU LIKE! It's true! It really happens!
7. Breakfast.
8. A Bank Holiday day off. You wake. It's quiet. It feels like a Sunday. It's bliss.
9. Neighbour's cat curled up contentedly on bed.
10. The longest bath.

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