Sunday, 18 October 2009

Amy's Curtains

Amy from Derby contacted BBC Newsnight after seeing my film to ask if I could come and help her make some curtains for her spare room in exchange for a contribution to petrol money. Her Mum had an old pair which we set to work converting. It's a while since I made curtains - I remember helping a former boyfriend make a pair about ten years ago - but we cut them up with cheerful confidence. The only confusing moment came when we realised the original curtains were different lengths - I'm sure it was a test! However, we soon overcame that minor hiccup to produce these. Not bad at all for 2 hours! We didn't even have to sew, as Amy had some very handy iron-on tape for doing hems. You see - there really is NO excuse! Amy has recently joined a sewing group in Nottingham with some of her friends. Incredibly, the number of people signing up has quadrupled in a year to more than 450 people - 150 of them are taking basic sewing. That's quite a statistic. Amy was so welcoming. She even bought a hat - which more than paid for travel onto my next stop - Sheffield - and the stilt walker!

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