Saturday, 24 October 2009

Jo's hat-or bonnets in Bradford

Jo in Bradford got in touch with Newsnight, offering me B+B in return for helping her make a hat. I arrived to see Jo struggling with a bath full of polystyrene beads destined for a large bean-bag she'd made! It turns out that Jo is something of an expert seamstress having made two wedding dresses for friends(one without a pattern - brave). She makes many of her own clothes and has every sewing gadget under the sun! Jo wanted a hat to go with a new outfit she's currently working on. After showing her my samples and having a chat, we abandoned our original idea and decided to try turning an old pull-on hat Jo had bought from the high street into a really striking number fit for a proper party. After twisting it around a bit and attaching it to a headband I was able to stiffen it with watered down PVA, then I stitched and steamed it into shape. Jo cut strips from fabric to match the dress she's making and then used it to create a trim following a vintage pleating technique I purloined from a 40's headpiece. The result I think is stunning - very 50's. Make Do And Mend couture - a new hat for nothing. B+B was fantastic too!

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Gale said...

I love this hat. My daughter would love this hat. Just found your website and will continue to visit. I live in Chicago where hats are a necessity in the winter.