Friday, 23 October 2009

Make Do and Mend bike flag

Need a flag for your bike but don't have one? (or don't want to spend the money on one from the shops). Simply take a piece of plastic bunting, cut from a strip and an old wire coat hanger. Open out the coat hanger out so it's straight, but make a little loop at one end to enable you to attach it to your bike. Take the bunting piece (mine had a channel down one side, but if yours doesn't - you might have to sew two together and make a little channel down the side) and thread the coat hanger through it. You'll need to sew up the end of the channel to stop the wire going straight through. Secure the other end of the bunting piece by winding cotton around the end and glueing it with a dab of UHU to the wire. We secured the flag to the bike by using the attachment you'd normally use to hold a light on - £1. Not bad eh? And the children will be spotted by traffic.

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Ticking stripes said...

Re your felting problem - you need to check out the label. If it says you can machine wash it its unlikely to felt - the wool can withstand high temperatures. If it says "hand wash only" it can't take hot temperatures and is very likely to felt! Try it - but they aren't that easy to find.