Sunday, 18 October 2009

Qualified stilt walker trouser maker

I can now confidently say I am able to make stilt walkers' trousers! Yes - it was an unusual request - and when I arrived at Jen's in Sheffield I was a little nervous about whether I'd be able to live up to the challenge. But we did it!! Jen offered me a very comfy bed for the night, as well as the best roast dinner I've had in months in exchange. I've been humbled really by how kind and welcoming everyone has been on this trip. We were making the trousers for Charlie who's a member of
Greentop Circus - and they had to be over 2 metres long. We bought a simple pattern for elasticated waist trousers, then lengthened the leg ALOT! We really had to make do and mend though, as we didn't have enough fabric, so we improvised by raiding Jen's fabric stash - her handbag lining will now grace the circus instead. Big hitch when we realised that we hadn't reckoned on Charlie's feet being longer than the plate on which she rests them....oooops. Trousers far too narrow. SO we had to come up with a solution pretty fast. A very large triangular insert on each outer leg from just above the knee right to the floor. Such are the challenges of Making Your Way Around Britain! We finished at 2am - but I suppose I did have to rush out to address Seven Hills WI half way through the evening! Does anyone else have experience of producing circus clothing? Can you buy regular patterns?


Carol said...

Great job, and an interesting learning curve and good product development time! Now you know how to make the next pair. Keep up the good work.

Carol Stripe

fascinator said...

Thanks Carol - certainly was a big learning curve! I will know what NOT to do next time round - but they did work and looked pretty good!