Monday, 12 October 2009

Sir John Lawes School Harpenden

We talked hats and make do and mend - a whole new generation of Newnsight viewers. The school invited me to give a talk and to bring along my hats too, so it was a real dressing-up box moment! Interestingly, when I asked who mended clothes, only couple of hands went up - but when Miss Richardson, the textiles teacher asked them who made their own cards, nearly every hand in the room shot up. So not much mending, but lots of making going on here! The school kindly paid my petrol money and donated £20 for my talk - they're going to make the money back by having a sale in school of things that they craft themselves - jewellery, corsages, bags etc. I donated a turban for the raffle! The money paid for my travel onto Nottingham, my next port of call.

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